Morpho Spanish School


Màs de 500.000.000 de personas en el mundo hablan Español y tù??




-An easy and fast way to pick up some basic Spanish!

-Learn what you need most in the country (directions, in the restaurants, etc...)





*Native Spanish teacher!

*Free Materials!

*Structured Classes!

*Competitive prices!

*Flexible Hours!


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Morpho Spanish School is a small language school located in the beautiful Orosi Valley, where we offer you a chance to learn Spanish using a simple yet effective method which will give you excellent results.

Our teacher, Natalia, has more than ten years of experience teaching the language in an entertaining yet professional manner.

Orosi itself is small a town located in the mountainous region near San Jose, the capital, easy to reach by car and pulic transportation. We have an estimate of 10,000 inhabitants, and about 9,999 of them speak Spanish! How convenient...  

The pleasant mountain climate, average 25ºC/77ºF,and a variety of tours and avtivities like White Water Rafting, Coffee Tour, Canopy, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Mountainbiking, Horsebackriding, etc, help to keep you entertained

in between lessons.


In town there are two "balnearios",

natural mineral spring establishments with swimming pools. Tapanti National Park is right around the corner and on the ridgeline to the north you can see the volcanos Turrialba and Irazu, the most active and the highest in the country respectively.  

Like most of Costa Rica we have a modern municipal water system and an excellent quality water source, Lake Cachi.  So yes, in Orosi and in most places in Costa Rica you can drink the water!

Study at any level, from beginner
to expert. 



Lessons are offered from Monday to Friday in a very quite place here in Orosi, and normally one on one, with the duration up to three hours per session, for you to feel confortable with yourself and your teacher while you are learning Spanish!

Enlarge your vocabulary
and range of expressions 

Conversation Lab


As a part of our couse we'll be glad to introduce you to native speakers from Orosi town and Valley and the culture itself taking  little walks around the town while our teacher introduces you to places of cultural or historical interest.





Strengthen your Spanish and 
get the best homestay expericence!!

Enjoy to stay with a Costa Rican family,learn about the culture and experience the delicious food they will provide you during your stay with them... And of course practice your Spanish with the native speakers. It will be so funny!! 

Daily Schedule
  • 8am| Spanish Classes
  • 12pm| Spanish Classes
  • 3pm| Spanish Classes